domingo, 3 de enero de 2016

Military green & light pink

Dos colores que a priori no combinan, pero a mí me sorprende el resultado. Solemos usar el verde militar combinado con prendas básicas, en tonos neutros, pero a mí me parece que darle un toque diferente con un rosa pastel es la salida perfecta para evitar aburrirnos del clásico combo. Añadiendo unos tacones en animal print conseguiremos un outfit mucho más personal. Espero que os guste.

We usually think that some colours, as for example military green and light pink, don’t combine at all. But he result may surprise you. We often wear military green combined with basics in neutral colours, but pastel pink gives a different touch to the classic combo and it´s a perfect option in order to avoid getting bored of it. If we also add animal printed heels we´ll get a more personal outfit. I hope you like it.

I was wearing:
Sweater: Easy Wear / Jeans: Sfera / Heels: Marypaz / Hat: my mom´s / Bag: Zara 

29 comentarios:

  1. so fine look ; 0)

    i invite to me too

  2. Those heels with the pink are perfection! Great style girlie.

    XO, Jessi

  3. Love it!

  4. Fun color combo... loving your sweater!!!

    All the Cute
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  5. I have a weakness for leopard print heels! :)

    You are rocking this outfit! :)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  6. I like your outfit! It underlines your body! thanks for sharing!

  7. I like this combination. The image you've created is really bright. Thank you for sharing!

  8. The pictures are in sooth great! I really love that crazy combination of colors. I thought that pink and brown do not go together.

  9. I really liked the combination of colors in your outfit, only shoes I would have picked another color.

  10. It is so beautiful pink shirt which you have weared.

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